Maths Booster

One of the biggest challenges facing schools is how to raise attainment in Mathematics. The problem is of course, that most schools are already doing everything they can to achieve this. With only so many hours in a day and staff already working to capacity it is hard to find opportunities to make anything other than marginal gains. Schools are impeded to an extent by their commitment to provide a balanced curriculum, by time constraints and by the limited resources at their disposal.

At Learning Point we have tackled this and we KNOW we can help.

We offer expert, engaging intervention programmes aimed specifically at raising achievement in Mathematics for pupils of all ages across Greater Manchester.  Most of our programmes are aimed at pupils with pupil premium entitlement.

With combined classroom experience of over 120 years and a wealth of management and Ofsted inspector expertise, the Learning Point team are driving change in school support by offering high-impact, well planned, structured learning opportunities.

Our programmes are delivered by ‘Outstanding’ Classroom practitioners recruited from across the region with track records of achievement.

We offer a range of weekend learning opportunities –  Our programmes are run outside of the normal school day so they do not impinge on the whole school curriculum. All our programmes are run off-site. We use ‘aspirational’ venues in the community and make use of our close links with universities and colleges.

Each of our courses is carefully structured to achieve optimal learning for pupils. They are immersive, motivational and inspirational. Our high impact lessons have a focus on learning to learn so pupils can take some of the learning skills they have acquired, back with them to school.

How it works…

Initial meeting with the school to discuss the initiative.

The school identifies groups of pupils who would benefit from the programme.

Presentation to parents by Learning Point to ascertain commitment

Maths SLE visits school and co-ordinates the design of the bespoke booster programme.

Saturday booster sessions begin at a local venue.

Baseline assessment is carried out in week one.

Tuition continues for five weeks.

Final assessment is completed and Impact Report given to the school.

Children receive a reward experience for their attendance organised by Learning Point.

Maths Subject Leader in Education continues to support the school as required.

“Extra sessions at the weekend have really helped me to do well at my new school. I was struggling at first, but now I feel more confident to answer the teachers’ questions. I’m doing well now and the extra work has been well worth it.”

Annie Yip

(Year 8)