Our Vision…

Our vision is a simple one. We are challenging children’s underperformance at Key Stages 2, 3 and 4, working in partnership with schools. We are passionate about narrowing the gap in attainment between groups of children from different backgrounds.

We want to inspire all children to achieve their full potential and have equal opportunities for success. As you will see from our website we are taking a multi-faceted approach to achieving our aims – we are unique in what we do and we are dedicated to really making a difference…

A message from our Executive Director…

Having spent my career working in schools and colleges at a variety of levels, I have always felt that many disadvantaged children are struggling to make progress in their studies for no other reason than the barriers they face away from the classroom. This is having a debilitating effect on their future opportunities and prosperity.

As a response, and through discussions with leaders in education across the country, I believe that a social initiative in Greater Manchester, with the single objective of improving performance of these children, is long overdue.

As you know, the reasons for underperformance by certain children are complex, however it is my belief that we can support those that need it the most with appropriate additional tutoring, advice and guidance. We are matching the skills of the best teachers in Greater Manchester, with the children who most need their input. It is a formula for success.

My colleagues at Learning Point have spent their entire careers in education and have a comprehensive grasp of the walls that we need to break down in order to actually have an impact.

The creativity and innovation from my colleagues is mind-blowing. I have no doubt that you will see this when you explore our website. By developing the various high impact strategies that make up Learning Point we will be able to drive children to achieving successful outcomes.