Quality Assurance

Our in-house team of senior leaders, some with Ofsted Inspector experience, provide an assurance of quality. Our Maths Booster programmes offer total accountability. We provide benchmark assessment and summative assessment. They are fully transparent so schools can see what progress each pupil has made. We have sound monitoring systems in place which enable us to do that.

We have extremely high expectations – We have high impact.

We expect our teachers to have a passion for what they do and a desire to really make a difference to a child’s progression at school.

We will only work with outstanding teachers who share our vision and share our belief in the importance of what we are doing. Children must be enthused and motivated to make progress by the people in front of them.

Our recruitment procedures and our rewarding staff package ensure we are able to recruit the very best teachers in the region.

Our typical teacher understands the challenges that the children face, is patient, has a ‘can do’ attitude and can ignite the children’s interest and energy for learning.

The Quality Process

Quality reviews and audits take a similar form to those carried out in mainstream education.

Specifically, we:

  • Carry out lesson observations and learning walks. Our management team are hugely experienced in this process.
  • Listen to the views of children and parents after each session.
  • Operate an open-door policy for school leaders and stakeholders to visit our programmes at any time.
  • Monitor individual children’s progress in a robust manner and report back to schools on this.

“As a result of these well-focused initiatives, led by experienced and well trained staff, attendance in school has risen overall, and persistent absence has fallen.”