The Promise Programme

We are identifying exceptional children from disadvantaged backgrounds and mentoring them so that they can achieve their full potential. There is no one solution that is appropriate for all children – the mentor programmes are individualised for each child.

Some guidance and intervention will be simple and inexpensive, others will be more intensive and expensive. By establishing a fund, we can draw down exactly what is required for each child and help as many children as the fund will allow.

Children with promise


  • Because these exceptional children face various challenges that hamper their chances of success.
  • Their lives and future prospects can be transformed.
  • Their talents and skills will no longer be wasted.
  • They will make an increased contribution to society.
  • Future generations will start from an enhanced base.

The Current Situation

Just one in three disadvantaged students hit the government’s pass target of 5 GCSE’s this year.

This compares with more than two in three of their better-off peers.

In nearly every measure of achievement, wealthy students have double the chance of success.

Only 10% of disadvantaged students who apply achieve an Oxbridge place.

Only 17.2% who apply are accepted into Russell Group Universities.

Your Promise

We work with companies who commit to an annual donation towards the mentoring fund.

This is not a one off short term fix – mentoring schemes will in some cases last for several years and we need to be sure of sufficient resources to complete what each child needs.

We are asking companies to commit to contributing on an annual basis for at least 3 years with a one-year notice period. This will help with our forward planning and we will have a year to replace any funders who decide they are unable to support the scheme.